Our Beliefs - A Brief Summary

We believe that the Bible is God’s infallible and complete message to our world. It should govern all our beliefs and conduct of life. What it teaches may sometimes stagger us and is supremely important. For example, it teaches:

God is a different kind of being from men and women. He is three persons (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) yet each person is the whole of Him.

God is eternal and the Creator of the whole universe. He is in complete control of everything. Nothing can prevent Him from doing his will.

God created the first man and woman to rule and care for our world but they disobeyed their Creator and lost their perfection. This broke their friendship with God. Each of us, descended from them, has this same disobedient nature and is therefore under God's condemnation.

Out of love and mercy God the Son became a man. He lived a perfectly obedient life. Finally He suffered death on the cross, taking the place and punishment of undeserving sinners, whom He loved. His victory over sin and death is proved by His rising from the dead.

God has promised the Holy Spirit to give people the capability to turn from their sin and to trust Christ. Salvation is an absolutely free gift from God, which we cannot earn or buy. To receive this free gift, we must repent of our rebellion and trust in Christ alone to save us.

No one who truly repents and trusts Christ can ever be lost. Christians are baptised to show publicly what has already happened within them. Then, through the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives, Christians slowly become more and more like Christ

Everyone who has ever lived will one day see the personal, glorious return of Jesus Christ to earth. This day of judgement will be fearful for those who have rejected or neglected Jesus Christ, but joyful for those who have received Him. They will live in the presence of God forever.

This SAVIOUR-GOD is whom we worship and serve.

A more detailed statement of belief is contained in our affirmation of faith, entitled, ‘We believe’, and published by Grace Publications, 1966

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